Bringing Sound To Video

HDVideoPro appeals to filmmakers, from the most serious amateurs to accomplished professionals, all looking to respond to the advancing media appetite for multimedia content linked to the rapidly expanding World Wide Web, cable and satellite television, feature- and short-film markets and much more.

As consumer tastes and technologies evolve, even the most stunning multimedia content loses its luster when accompanied by poor sound quality. High-definition camcorders, DSLRs and desktop editing software have opened new creative opportunities for producing top-notch, cinema-quality video. Today, advancements in sound and audio technologies offer the ability to help users capture and create superb sound for any visual media. Building on the power of the Werner Imaging Group, publications with a combined total of more than 440,000 ABC-audited copies distributed monthly, HDVideoPro—the leading magazine for professional and serious amateur filmmakers―presents CineSoundPro, a new section covering tools, techniques and gear for audio production in the video/film environment. Created by the HDVideoPro team and led by veteran pro audio journalist/editor George Petersen, CineSoundPro launched in the August issue of HDVideoPro, and is designed to appeal to the audience of active enthusiasts and pros who want to take their work to the next level, using modern audio production techniques, hardware and software applications.