Digital Editions

Amidst all the news about electronic publishing versus print publishing, Werner Publishing has found its own success with its electronic editions. As of August, there are over 27,000 digital subscribers who have purchased Werner Publishing titles through the Zinio magazine newsstand and company websites. This number becomes particularly significant when viewed in the context of the magazines’ total paid print readerships, and the short period of time since the magazine was offered on Zinio beginning in early 2011.

In a recent article, “Who Is Making Money ‘Now’ in the App Store Subscription Era?” on Min Online, Friday, August 19, 2011, Jeanniey Mullen, global executive VP and chief marketing officer for Zinio, said that top purchases of digital magazines within Zinio’s app vary according to release schedules. Mullen said that best sellers have included, at various times, National Geographic, Outdoor Photographer, Macworld and Maxim. The same article ranked the multi-title digital magazine distributor Zinio in the number-three position, right behind Apple’s own Pages and Smurfs Village.

It should be noted that Werner Publishing offers only electronic subscriptions versus single-issue apps. The Zinio app is a single app that allows users to subscribe to publications and read them on their electronic devices. The issues of Werner Publishing magazines that are sold and delivered in this manner are identical to the print magazine, however all editorial and advertiser links are hot. Werner Publishing circulation staff chose Zinio because it offers the best user experience, and puts the magazine in front of a very large audience of electronic-magazine readers, as Zinio allows for cross pollination and special promotions. It’s also important that Werner Publishing Zinio subscriptions are sold separately from print subscriptions.