Early Adopter Readership

Outdoor Photographer readers are an example of the social orientation of Werner Publishing’s various magazine audiences. They participate in all the normal activity on the internet.

Outdoor Photographer’s website receives about 700,000 pageviews per month with about 160,000 unique visitors. This number needs to be appreciated in the context that these pageviews and visitors represent a real reading, absorbing and learning process. These pageviews involve the reading of instruction and product material as opposed to flipping through photos on a social or celebrity site.

The Newsletter list is currently at 105,000. This number has increased dramatically in recent months and years. It’s safe to say that a Newsletter list amounting to nearly half the total circulation is unique and impressive amongst consumer magazines. The Newsletter list is extremely useful for sharing current information/content with readers, for advertisers promoting their products to readers and for generating a churn of activity on all 360-degree sponsored marketing programs.

Add to all the above, nearly 50,000 Facebook fans. This audience is of substantial size considering that the audience is relatively mature (median age about 47).

Outdoor Photographer readers have been exceptionally prone to adopt the magazine in its electronic format. To date, almost 12,000 have bought Zinio subscriptions since the launch in early 2011. The magazine is offered on Zinio because Zinio has developed a large audience of electronic-magazine subscribers that can be cross promoted. Outdoor Photographer has found success in both the photography and the outdoor categories on Zinio. It’s important to point out that all the Zinio subscriptions are in addition to print subscriptions. There’s no provision for subscribers to pay for one and automatically the other as free or as part of a package. Therefore, all the electronic subscriptions are new revenue to the publisher.