Getting Your Piece Of The Pie

Let’s face it: Today’s business landscape isn’t the easiest to navigate. While the economy has certainly improved since 2008, things have changed. Technological innovations have recast the playing field for all of us. Customers who have been there through the years are now gone. Big box stores disrupted the specialty dealer channel, and now online giants are threatening the big box stores.

But during this, we were finding ways to grow and be more valuable to our audience. How? We launched new products and services to get the most out of our existing customers and to find new buyers—by expanding highly targeted editorial across multiple media and reaching the active enthusiasts who want to buy your products. We publish four outstanding print titles in the Imaging Market, each with a terrific paid circulation and growing quickly across new platforms online, digital databases and so much more. We’re able to offer a compelling range of solutions that will meet your marketing objectives.

Our Sum Is Greater Than Its Parts

  • – 3.3 million magazines mailed to subscribers
  • – 300,000 digital editions delivered to subscribers
  • – 350,000 newsstand copies sold
  • – 4.5 million web visitors
  • – 6.4 million electronic newsletters delivered
  • – 120,000 Facebook fans
  • – 28,000 Twitter followers
Together, let’s ensure you get your fair share of this expanding photography market.

* If you want it all!
Reach new customers from the whole pie of pros, enthusiasts, amateurs, weekend warriors and others! We’ll incorporate all our assets to boost your brand’s visibility, ensuring you have new sales each quarter of 2013.

* If you want to target and dig deeper
Get the attention of a very specific audience you want to reach with a specific goal! We can fine-tune our response and present you with an option that will target these new clients and deliver exactly what you’re looking for.

In today’s increasingly transparent media world, our offerings are dynamic, well regarded and highly respected. Let us create an effective marketing campaign that can reach as many new customers as possible for your brand. Your slice of the pie will grow as a result!

The Werner Publishing Imaging Group
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