Golf Tips Video On Demand is replete with dozens of new golf instruction videos to bring the total count to 225. New videos are added every week. Virtually every instructional need is covered, plus equipment previews and reviews, all geared to help golfers of any skill play their best. We take key elements from short lessons as well as full-length features from Golf Tips Magazine and present them in hi-def video format. Many of our top Golf Tips instructors who are regularly featured in the pages of Golf Tips Magazine can be found on, as well as key club designers and innovators, each of whom help golfers not only swing better and shoot lower scores, but also make careful decisions come time to buy new golf equipment and training devices. Topics on cover virtually every aspect of playing the game from driving to putting, and our golf product coverage includes not only club previews, but in-depth looks at the inner workings of several of the top equipment and component manufacturers, as well. The Golf Tips Video On Demand online player is served by Brightcove, and delivers pre-roll advertisements.