Have It Your Way

With all the options available at all times, photographers have adopted their own preferences for consuming information and entertainment. Readers have become visitors, viewers, fans and followers, as well. Magazine properties have become brands and are no longer only print pages.

At the same time, it’s not a zero-sum game. There’s overlap. Those photographers who take part in multiple media opportunities on a regular basis have become extra-engaged Super Fans. We’d like to help you make them your Super Customers.

It’s time for a greater appreciation of our total audience impact.

As publishers, our task has been to find new ways to engage with our readers and for our readers to interact with us. We’ve done just that, and we believe we’re keeping pace with the changes and challenges.

In the course of a year, we have nearly 9.5 million touch points with our total audience:
  • – 3,272,000 magazines are mailed to subscribers, not all to the same individuals*
  • – 332,000 newsstand copies are sold, not all to the same individuals*
  • – 298,000 digital editions are delivered, not all to the same individuals*
  • – 4,488,000 visitors come to our sites, not all the same individuals*
  • – 6,396,000 electronic newsletters are delivered, not all to the same individuals*
  • – 120,000 Facebook fans frequent our pages*
  • – 28,000 Twitter followers receive too many tweets to count*

(*There’s a constant cycle of new and expiring readers, natural search visitors, fans and followers that refresh the total audience.)

The trend has been for advertisers to cherry-pick issue months and flight dates, but this fails to take advantage of our full-time audience of Super Fans. We can develop marketing programs that put you in touch with photographers at the precise times when they’re most likely to become your next customers. 

Multiple impressions make the sale, and that’s exactly what we can provide.

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