In Defense Of Photo Magazines

It’s obvious that a great deal of change has affected both the photo industry and media. As photo manufacturers have seen their camera sales under pressure from smartphones, there has been a trend to divert advertising dollars from dedicated photo magazines. This is no secret. But to anyone who might think that the new trends […]

The B&W Winners Book Is Here!

The winners have been selected for the Digital Photo “Black & White 2013 Annual Photo Contest” and the beautiful hardcover contest books are off the press. Each of the winners (First, Second and Third Place), as well as 27 finalists, are all lavishly displayed in large-format 12×12-inch, 68-page hardcover book by Blurb. Other contest sponsors […]

Getting Your Piece Of The Pie

Let’s face it: Today’s business landscape isn’t the easiest to navigate. While the economy has certainly improved since 2008, things have changed. Technological innovations have recast the playing field for all of us. Customers who have been there through the years are now gone. Big box stores disrupted the specialty dealer channel, and now online […]

Refresh Your Marketing!

It’s easy to think of magazine circulation as a stagnant number of subscribers and newsstand buyers. It’s also easy to think of a magazine as just a print publication in the traditional media sense. The fact of the matter is that magazines have become brands consisting of a range of media including traditional as well […]

The Art of Impressions

Sony Art Of Expression
In recent years, Sony has distinguished itself as one of the most active and innovative photo brands as they rethink the way cameras are designed and pictures are made. In keeping with their forward thinking, 2012 was the third year that they were the presenting sponsor of the Art of Expression Photo & Video Contest […]

Have It Your Way

Have It Your Way
With all the options available at all times, photographers have adopted their own preferences for consuming information and entertainment. Readers have become visitors, viewers, fans and followers, as well. Magazine properties have become brands and are no longer only print pages. At the same time, it’s not a zero-sum game. There’s overlap. Those photographers who […]

WPC Family Of Websites

WPC Family Of Websites
Our five magazine websites generate over 1.8M pageviews per month. These pageviews represent engaged readers absorbing important and detailed information about their interests and the new products that serve their interests. Werner Publishing has invested in making the magazine websites a valued destination. As the baseline, there’s a wealth of content both new and repurposed […]

Digital Editions

Digital Editions
Amidst all the news about electronic publishing versus print publishing, Werner Publishing has found its own success with its electronic editions. As of August, there are over 27,000 digital subscribers who have purchased Werner Publishing titles through the Zinio magazine newsstand and company websites. This number becomes particularly significant when viewed in the context of […]

Early Adopter Readership

Early Adopter Readership
Outdoor Photographer readers are an example of the social orientation of Werner Publishing’s various magazine audiences. They participate in all the normal activity on the internet. Outdoor Photographer’s website receives about 700,000 pageviews per month with about 160,000 unique visitors. This number needs to be appreciated in the context that these pageviews and visitors represent […]

Golf Tips Video On Demand

Golf Tips Video On Demand Page is replete with dozens of new golf instruction videos to bring the total count to 225. New videos are added every week. Virtually every instructional need is covered, plus equipment previews and reviews, all geared to help golfers of any skill play their best. We take key elements from short lessons as well as […]