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It’s easy to think of magazine circulation as a stagnant number of subscribers and newsstand buyers. It’s also easy to think of a magazine as just a print publication in the traditional media sense.

The fact of the matter is that magazines have become brands consisting of a range of media including traditional as well as online, digital and social. There’s a constant churn of audience that’s important to your marketing efforts. Our goal is to put your products in front of an eager group of enthusiasts precisely at a time when they’re most focused on their photography interests.

SUBSCRIPTIONS: Every month of every year, this group of readers is refreshed. Subscriptions expire and need to be renewed. Readers who continue to be engaged in photography continue their subscriptions. Those whose interests have waned, drop off and this natural attrition is replaced by fresh readers who are newly engaged or energized readers returning from a hiatus. In short, a magazine’s circulation represents a distillation of enthusiasts and potential photo customers many times the size of the final ABC Audited average circulation. We do the work of promoting to millions to find hundreds of thousands so you don’t have to.

NEWSSTAND SALES: For most special interest publications, this source of circulation is smaller in terms of the total, but potent in terms of the declared reader interest. Readers have selected our publication—including a range of editorial and pertinent advertising—because they have an immediate interest, if not buying decision to be made—whether it’s a new item of photo equipment or an upcoming vacation destination. As an industry standard, the average newsstand reader buys about two or three issues per year, so the ABC Audited figure represents only a quarter of the actual newsstand readers over the course of a year.

Our total Imaging Group circulation that shows up on ABC audits at 400,000 is estimated to represent 870,000 individuals over the course of the year. This doesn’t even take into consideration the pass-along readership that estimates how copies are shared. But, it’s not just numbers; it’s about timing—reader engagement and time in the buying cycle—that’s paramount.

Magazine print readers represent our bricks-and-mortar media that’s, in turn, supported by the constant churn of web visitors, digital readers, e-Newsletter subscribers and social followers. What’s more, not all print readers, visitors or followers are necessarily the same individuals. Although there can be a great deal of duplication among these groups, natural search and social networks can represent distinct sources of new customers for your products.

If you choose to impact our total audience with a consistent campaign of advertising and promotions throughout the year, we can guarantee a constantly refreshing audience of customers at the peak of their interest and at the bottom of the purchase funnel.

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